Do you love the feeling (yes!) that you get when you bring that perfect meal to your kitchen table? Do you frequently have ideas for great meals that go by the wayside when 5:00 rolls around? No ingredients? Can’t find the recipe? We wrote our Recipes in a Flash collectin just for you! 


I understand! Been there, done that! I’ve read thousands of recipes on the internet, many that looked like pure winners. Many even made their way to my printer or “filing system”, either on my computer, email or note app. That perfect recipe, however, is nowhere to be found when I’m standing in the produce section of the grocery store or cooking time rolls around.


I’m Kate. I love food and recipes, and my passion is creating collections of quick and easy, tasty recipes and trying new food ideas. My goal is to make something new for dinner every night of the year. My website is all about making it easy to create great food for your dinner table. I put recipes at your fingertips.


This collection contains 114 simple recipes that you can put together – in a flash. They are quick and easy, totally tasty recipes. No pictures. Just the recipes. Each is on a separate, nicely designed page.


Check the “Other Information” section for the recipe list.

Recipes in a Flash

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