What's in That Refrigerator?!

Updated: Mar 9

Weight-loss tips are so plentiful that avoiding them is almost impossible. Finding the best weight-loss tips can be a bit more difficult. Daily tips can really help to motivate a person who has difficulty losing weight. Beginning each day with some simple weight-loss tips is a good motivator.

Do not waste calories on beverages. There are many low-calorie or calorie-free beverages that can be added to a diet. Many people do not realize how many calories they consume each day by drinking soda or juice. Switching to water can cut as many as five hundred calories each day. It is amazing to find out how many calories are in one serving of a sugary drink. Having just one less soda each day is a great step toward losing weight.

Keep track of every single item of food that you consume each day. Measure it. Calories, carbs, fiber, anything that is relevant to your lifestyle. Keeping a food journal or listing every food or food product that you eat can be an eye-opener. Since snacking often occurs without thought, you might be surprised at what you see! You might be shocked to see that you are consuming double or triple the recommended amount of calories for your body size. Having a food journal puts these values into proportion.

Avoid getting hungry. Skipping meals or fasting causes blood sugar to drop rapidly. When this happens, many people feel ill or so hungry that they overeat. Eating several small meals over the course of a day keeps blood sugar levels steady. People who eat small meals and avoid skipping meals lose more weight than people who fast. Snacking can be healthy with fruits and vegetables as opposed to cake or cookies.

Think about being hungry. Many people are confusing hunger with thirst. Often, a person will feel hungry when they are actually dehydrated. Drinking a large glass of water at the first sign of hunger can curb the appetite and decrease calories ingested. Since water has no calories and uses space within the stomach, there is less room for high-calorie foods. Drinking a glass of water will often satiate the hunger feelings immediately.

Buy foods that are healthy. You wont lose weight if your refrigerator is filled with food that doesn't match your healthy eating lifestyle. Stock your refrig with sliced fruits and bite-sized vegetables will create healthy snacking habits. If unhealthy foods aren't available, you can't eat them! Don't buy the sugary stuff and you can't eat it. Your budget may turn a little greener as a side-effect.

Use smaller plates. Placing smaller portions of food on smaller plates creates the look of a large meal. This can actually fool the brain into being satisfied with a smaller amount of food. Choosing larger portions of colorful vegetables over meats can also help with weight loss. Eating the right foods in small quantities and exercising regularly are the best tips possible for losing weight.

To Healthy Eating and Living Made Simple!