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Free Plan

Meal Planning, Life Planning and Recipe Starter Sets

The Free Plan provides access to our blog recipes, meal planning starter set, and life planning starter set.


It's a great choice if all you are interested in is some free recipes and ways to get that 'To Do' list going!

Great templates and recipes for a start to a beautiful day!


🔶Blog Posts

🔶Meal Planning and Life Planning Printables - Starter Set

🔶Recipe Samplers

◾Green Juice Recipe Sampler

◾Random Walk Down Recipe Bungalow

◾Mega Recipe Sampler

◾Mini Recipe Sampler

🔶From Spice Rack to Table

🔶5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

🔶Meal Planning - PIcnics & Patios Edition

🔶Shiver Me Timbers! A Pirate's Coloring Book

🔶Meal Ideas

◾Clean Simple Eats

◾Keto and Low Carb Eats

◾Plantsy Vegetarian Eats

Meal & Life Planning Printables




Valid until canceled

Beautifully Designed Planning Printables

The Planning Printabes Plan provides full access to our beautifully designed meal planning and life templates ...


All Collections Delivered as PDF documents at the 'Members Only' tab, here at Green Hat Lady.

Price is $9.99 one-time (i.e., not recurring)

Great templates for getting organized in life and in the kitchen!


🔶 Create Your Own MEAL Plan (Full Set of Planning Templates)

◾Various versions of weekly meal planners

◾Various versions of shopping lists

◾Conversion Charts, Air Fryer Cheat Sheet

◾Mix and Match Spices Chart

◾Food Inventory Sheets

◾Water Tracker, Habit Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Mood Tracker

◾Space for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Snack Ideas and Favorites

◾Notes Page

◾100 Meal Planning Tips

🔶Annual Calendars


🔶 Create Your Own LIFE Plan (Full Set of Planning Templates)

◾Complete Set of Blank Life Planning Printables

◾Narrative Information on the Life Planning process with templates to 

▻Find Your Passion, Dream Big and Go for It

▻ Create a Personal Vision and Goals

▻ Track Productivity with Monthly, Weekly and Daily Planners

▻Conduct Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Personal Reviews

▻ Keep Tabs on Habits, Mood, Sleep and Self Care

Mystery Recipe e-Bundle




Valid until canceled

Mystery Recipe e-Bundle

Easy Dishes, Tasty Eats

The Mystery Recipe Bundle provides full access to all collections in Green Hat Lady's Library, past, present and future.

All Collections Delivered as PDF documents at the 'Members Only' tab, here at Green Hat Lady.

Price is $24.99 one-time (i.e., not recurring)

Great Recipes ~ Great Price



🔶 Create Your Own MEAL Plan (Full Set of Planning Templates)

🔶 Create Your Own LIFE Plan (Full Set of Planning Templates)

🔶Weekly Meal Plans


12-15 recipes in each weekly plan, with full page images. Great for cooking for one or two. Mostly nutritious, cleanish and plantsy.

◾Fresh and Fabulous Collection - 53 weeks

◾Light and Easy Collection - 35 weeks

◾Plantsy Vegetarian - 44 Weeks

🔶Everyday Recipes - Specialty Collections

◾Clean Simple Eats Recipe Book

◾Keto Friendly and Low Carb Recipe Book

◾Smoothies and Juice Recipe Book

🔶Everyday Recipes - Soup, Salad, Sandwiches

◾Soup, Stew and Chili Recipe Book

◾Salad Recipe Book

◾Sandwich Recipe Book

◾Dressings, Sauces and Dips Recipe Book

◾Reverse Sides Recipe Book (recipes that work as a 'side' to soup, salad or sandwiches)

🔶Everyday Recipes - Cooking Themes

◾Cast Iron Skillet Recipe Book

◾Sheet Pan Recipe Book

◾Breakfast & Brunch Recipe Book

◾Decadent Dessert Recipe Book

◾Five Ingredient Recipe Book

◾In a Flash Recipe Book

◾Air Fryer Recipe Book

◾Instant Pot®️ Recipe Book


🔶Pocket Recipes 


Ingredient-Based Themed Collections - great to have in your back pocket when you don't know what to do with all that produce you got at the farmers market!

348      Almond Recipes
92         Appetizer Recipes
1,165      Apple Recipes
289       Artichoke Recipes
356       Asparagus Recipes
1,817     Bacon Recipes
545       Banana Recipes
179        Barbecue Recipes
2,397    Bean Recipes
915        Beef Recipes
381        Beer Recipes
287       Blueberry Recipes 
1,561      Bread Recipes
233       BrownieRecipes
274       Burger Recipes
106       Cajun Recipes
2,444   Cake Recipes
1,923     Cheese Recipes
366       Cherry Recipes
3,772    Chicken Recipes
64         Chicken Wing Recipes
101        Chickpea Recipes
432       Chili Recipes
142        Chinese Recipes
1,834    Chocolate Recipes
285       Cooking with Coffee Recipes
2,137     Cookies Recipes
538       Cranberry Recipes
103       Cupcake Recipes
232       Curry Recipes
739       Dip Recipes
928       Easy Recipes
212        Egg Recipes
220       Eggplant Recipes
184       Fish Recipes
275       French + French Toast Recipes
107       French Toast Recipes
401       Fried Recipes
268      Fudge Recipes
525      Garlic Recipes
86        Granola Recipes
147       Greek Recipes
215       Ham Recipes
154       Homemade Recipes
78         Ice Cream Recipes
438      Italian Recipes
165        Jam+Balaya Recipes
916       Ketchup Recipes
204      Lasagna Recipes
103       Mac & Cheese Recipes
655       Marshmallow Recipes
248       Mexican Recipes
83         Microwave Recipes
3,097    Mushroom Recipes
468      Oatmeal Recipes
463       Onion Recipes
692       Orange Recipes
227       Pancake Recipes
2,215     Pasta Recipes
295       Peach Recipes
720       Peanut Butter Recipes
178        Pear Recipes
419       Pecan Recipes
2,053    Pie Recipes
434      Pizza Recipes
984      Pork Recipes
1,560    Potato Recipes
441       Pudding Recipes
630      Pumpkin Recipes
150       Quiche Recipes
273       Raspberry Recipes
134       Ribs Recipes
973       Rice Recipes
2,762    Salad Recipes
373       Salmon Recipes
497      Sandwich Recipes
1,436    Sauce Recipes
103       Seafood Recipes
574       Shrimp Recipes
980      Slow Cooker Recipes
133        Smoothie Recipes
1,718      Soup Recipes
133        Southern Recipes
496       Spicy Recipes
550       Spinach Recipes
479       Steak Recipes
457       Stew Recipes
423       Strawberry Recipes
211         Stuffing Recipes
782       Tomato Recipes
292       Tuna Recipes
524       Turkey Recipes
72         Vegan Recipes
97         Vegetarian Recipes
85         Waffle Recipes
167        Whiskey Recipes
898       Zucchini Recipes

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