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Secrets, Zombies, Ghosts … The Underground Playbook to Level-Up Your Halloween

376 Pages of …Food, Pumpkins, Crafts, Activities, Decorating, Zombie Survival Guide, Costumes, Horror Movie Guide

An Eyeball’s Ultimate Guide to a Bloodcurdling Halloween will bring on your sixth sense with ideas to create a ghastly Halloween for you and your little ones.

And there are some surprises in store to turn the tables once your little ones are tucked-in for the night.

Not to fear …. there’s plenty going on throughout the book for the squeamish, should you simply want a scare-free, enchanted Halloween.

Here is what you’ll get in An Eyeball’s Ultimate Guide to a Bloodcurdling Halloween:

  • The History of Halloween, the Myths, and the info on what to do with those pumpkins.

  • The Bio on Jack O’ Lantern – and he’ll surely light-up your season!

  • A Zombie Survival Guide.

  • 10 Coloring Pages, ready for your child’s art work.

  • 41 Mostly Easy Halloween Crafts, with step-by-step instructions. Many are complete with images of each steps. Eyeglasses from egg cartons. A bookmark. Spiders. And much more!

  • 22 Activities for the Younger Ghosts and Goblins, including how to create a backyard haunted house on a budget.

  • Over 100 Costume Ideas, with the story-backdrop and ideas to work it. They are organized as those for children, adults and groups. Sure, you can mix them up, but I wanted to put them into categories to make it easier for you to go through them.

  • How to Plan a Party, complete with Party Planning templates.

  • 50 Decorating Ideas to bring on the Halloween enchantment.

  • 44 Legendary Horror Movies and detailed information regarding the storyline.

  • 42 Delicious Fall Recipes that will be the hit of your Halloween parties, including some cocktails and appetizers for your “After-the-Tuck-In” Party.

  • 37 Children’s Halloween-Themed Recipes. We’re talking Eyeball Tacos, Swamp Dip, Skeleton Bones.


  • 94 Themed Food Ideas, including how to roast pumpkin seeds, make homemade pumpkin puree, create soup bowls … along with more stuff for the kids, such as Buggy Ice Cubes, Terrifying Tortillas, Wicked Witch fingers and much more!

  • 9 Tips to Ditch the Sugar and Still Have Fun.

  • 5 Tips to Deal with IT, Once You’ve Got IT.


Don’t get caught behind the Eight Ball, unless you are going to a Billiard-themed party as a Cue and the Eight Ball!