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Frustrated when 5 o’clock rolls around and that great recipe idea from earlier in the day is MIA along with the ingredients … probably somewhere down Aisle 2?

Possibly it is in that folder with your other paperwork ...

Or, is that the recipe you jotted down in your "Notes" notebook ...


Or, "saved" in one of those recipe apps ...

Ahhhh, it's scribbled in with your notes from your 10 o'clock! 

I Know the feeling well and have the solution! 


Currently $9.99 - ONE TIME

You get everything we posted

Plus everything we add in future!


Here's what is in our Recipe Library So Far

22 Weekly Menu Plans -


Beautifully designed menu plans with 12-15 recipes covering Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. You get images, nutrition information (calories, protein, fat, carbs) and a shopping list in addition to the recipes. Most of the recipes in each collection are new; 2-3 are prior month favorites.

4 Special Two-Week Menu Plans -

Designed and organized like the weekly plans, with the same look and feel, but centered around themes.  Most of the recipes in each collection are new; a few are  favorites from the weekly plans.

Plant-Based (58 Recipes)

Vegan (40 Recipes)

High-Protein (52 Recipes)

Low-Carb (40 Recipes)

6 Themed Gap Recipe Sets -


Just in case you want to switch things up...... or (gasp!) don't quite like a recipe in the plan. 

Clean & Plantsy Recipe Starter (55 or so Recipes)

7 Days of Tasty Eats (35 Recipes - B.L.S.D.D. for 7 Days)

Vegan Gap (125 Recipes)

Vegan Pocket (72 Recipes)

Immunity Boosting Ingredients (24 Recipes + All About Immunity)

Instant Pot® Success & Recipe Collection

Our goal is to make it simple for you to enjoy eating delicious, tasty real food at home without the stress. We truly want you to enjoy mealtime, whether you eat with your family or are swinging it solo.


You control the ingredients! You don't break the bank!

And it is as much for you as it is for us, and particularly, me! I came up with this idea because I was constantly getting stressed - I wanted to stop wasting money eating out so much, and I wanted to know what was in my food. But, when dinner time came around, all my great ideas were nowhere to be found .... they must have taken off, along with all those ingredients!  

No more last minute: "I have NO ingredients!"....

Download the entire library now!

Each month we'll post a one week plan and some gap recipes.


Here is a sampling of images from the recipes in the menu plans

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